Introducing Wine Club from The Infatuation & Zagat:

Choice of The Zagat Red Collection, The Infatuation Mixed Collection, and The Top Rated Zagat Wines.

Monthly, you'll receive our favorite wines to drink at that moment along with info about the wines in each shipment. If you're not ready to commit to the full-time relationship (even though you can cancel anytime) then there's an option for a one-time purchase.

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The Zagat Red Collection

Think of this like a small plates restaurant that does a lot of things well. You’ll get classics with a twist, representation from various countries, and maybe one or two things you haven’t tried before. Your choice of 3 or 6 bottles monthly.

From $90.00

The Infatuation Mixed Collection

This is about convenience for those who like both red and white wines. Get a monthly mix of 3 bottles, or 6 bottles if you want to double down and save 10%. Either way, let us worry about how to mix and match.

From $75.00

The Top Rated Zagat Wines

These are our favorites of all time - the best bottles ever made. Limited to 120 subscribers a month.

From $150.00

Amazing Wines From The Restaurants You Love

You're thoughtful about where you eat dinner, and we think you should take the same approach to wine. Each month, drink wines that are hand selected by sommeliers at top-rated restaurants with The Infatuation & Zagat Wine Club. None of the mass-produced, bargain bin stuff you'll get from other subscription wine clubs. Level up your drinking with the types of bottles that wine professionals actually drink at home.